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I love our town. This is a wonderful place to live and raise a family.  I am grateful to be a part of a community full of smart, passionate people.

We all want to make sure Pittsford is ready for the future. To be ready, we need new perspectives and ideas to maintain and strengthen our excellence - excellence in quality of life, innovation, education, and service.

We should be a town that others look to as the example of innovation and excellence.

We elected two new faces to the town board in 2017. Since that time, our town board has done good things.  They pursued projects to boost solar energy and diversity in hiring, and communication with the community has increased.  Let's help them do more!

When I am on the Town Board, we will get residents involved and approach the future with innovation and practical solutions. We will help families stay together by allowing grandparents and aging parents to live in in-law suites with full kitchens and encouraging moderate-cost, single story housing.  We will find ways to slow traffic in our neighborhoods. We will improve our trail system and encourage biking and walking throughout our town. We will increase community meeting spaces by encouraging sidewalk cafes and coffee shops to make Pittsford their home.  We will diversify our tax base by encouraging low-footprint businesses to locate here.

Most importantly, we will ask for your perspective, listen to you, work to understand, and open up lines of communication.

Make sure you show up and vote in November. Tell a neighbor to show up and vote too. We will do this together.

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